Fence Service

Girouard Fence CompanyOur residential and commercial fence services include complete fencing design, installation, and repair of a wide range of fence styles, sizes, and materials. Our fencing experts can help you select the perfect fence style and material to suit your needs, taste, and property.

Often the type of material used in a fence install is dictated by the purpose. Here are some tips for fencing materials based on use:

Vinyl fences
Vinyl fencing is ideal as a residential privacy screen and as an attractive property boundary. Vinyl fences come in a wide variety of colors and styles to match your home and can include walk gates and double-drive gates. Modern vinyls are durable, fade-resistant, and clean easily with soap and water.

Wood fences
Classic wood fencing is a perennial favorite with homeowners and business owners alike. While most of our fences are constructed with the highest-quality cedar, spruce and fir can be used for a different appearance, if preferred. Wood is a good choice not only for privacy fences, but for traditional picket fences and classic post-and-rail styles that work particularly well for larger properties.

Chain-link fences
Chain-link has long been the material of choice for commercial and industrial security fences, designed to keep people and animals in or out of the property. Chain-link comes in several styles and materials, including basic galvanized steel and black, vinyl-coated links.

Ornamental metal fences
Traditional wrought iron fences have always a provided a stately and elegant look as an eye-catching landscape feature and design element — however, iron is prone to rust and corrosion and requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. Today that same attractive wrought look is available in low-maintenance aluminum, which doesn’t rust. And an aluminum ornamental fence costs just a fraction of the price of a traditional wrought iron fence!

Swimming pool fences
We provide swimming pool fencing in a variety styles and materials to fit the size and shape of virtually any aboveground or in-ground swimming pool. Because there are strict state-regulated codes for properly installing swimming pool safety fencing, it’s important to have expert and knowledgeable fencing professionals such as Girouard Fence install your swimming pool fence.

Unsure of the look you want or the material to use for your fencing project? No problem. The fencing professionals at Girouard Fence can show you samples and provide design and installation ideas for all kinds of fence installs, ranging in height from 3-8 feet tall (even taller for chain-link).

Horse fences
This specialty fencing comes in several materials and requires proper design and installation to ensure the animal’s safety and security. Properly installed horse fencing will have some flexibility to protect horses from injury should they accidentally run into it. A quality horse fence reduces liability, keeps horses from wandering, requires minimal maintenance, and serves as a visible property boundary while maintaining your property’s aesthetics.

Need your fence repaired?
Sooner or later, most fences need a little work – weather, accidents, and age can all take a toll on even the best-made fencing. If your fence is in need of repair – even if we didn’t install it – just give us a call and we’ll give your fence the proper care it deserves.